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Current state of our projects

Hello everyone!
We've been rather quiet these months, but we are working on a new project. We are making many tests and prototypes in 3D.
It doesn't look the best since I, Diana, am only a 2D artists. It's still a prototype though-

Here is another example of the interface of the same prototype.

The last project we've been working on, for the moment has been suspended, that's why we haven't published new stuff about it.
Don't worry, we haven't forgot about it, we will finish it and we will launch it... later.
This new game for now has no title, and still there are many things that are missing to even have a pseudo complete prototype. However, we fell this could be an interesting idea.

We'll be in touch, we hope to show you more advances soon.


Happy new 2015 year! Looking back at 2014.

Happy new year to everyone who visits this blog (or reads the RSS). Best wishes for this 2015 year!
We are writing here to have a couple of announcements, as well to reflect on the past year, and how it went down for Glitchy Pixel.

The stuff that happened in 2014

This year definitely was one of the most interesting ones for us at Glitchy Pixel. In the gaming world, many people are not very happy for the results and how things went down. However, at least for us, it was a great time.

Launching Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror

We managed to launch our first commercial title, Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror. It was awesome! Not only we got our Greenlight campaign running and we managed to publish the game under Steam, but we also managed to get the game on PlayStation Vita as well! Through the Sony game development program on Latin America, we have achieved the long lasting dream for any kid who grew up playing games: Being able to make a game and publish it on a mayor distributor, and a console!

Of course, this amazing feat must be compared to how the game actually sold. Here's the rundown:

  • We managed to break even on the first month of sales. Granted, we did not need too much of sales units in order to break even (we needed about 1800 units), but it was an objective we accomplished.
  • Although we just made it barely, it really feels amazing that we managed to make a product, and to sustain on it. It seems that we are doing stuff right.
  • In general, reviews for the game have been OK. Nothing amazing, but no absolute bad reviews either. Somehow we ended getting a Metacritic score of 70. This is important not necessarily because of the score, but because we were noticeable enough to get enough reviews for a critic score in Metacritic. We consider that a good thing, even if not all reviews are glowing with praise.
  • Most people would think that Steam is the only platform for selling. Well, on PC that might be true. But we still want to support many stores as posible. Some people are more confortable with other stores, and thats totally fine.
  • The other thing is about the PlayStation Vita, you would think that the console that seems to have less traction in the market would not be important to sell onto. Think again, basically half of our sales come from the PlayStation Vita in the NA region. We still haven't even distributed the game on Europe (Before anyone asks, we will! More explaining below). This means the the PS Vita, at least for us, is an important market to take into account. Maybe the PS Vita is getting better, who knows.
  • An extra detail. has launched Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror soundtrack as a Christmas gift! You can it on Bandcamp in a "pay what you want" basis. It's good music, enjoy!

So, to some people it might not be that much. But for us, it was amazing, we are on the road of becoming full game developers. Making this stuff is way too exciting, and we had a great start (n_n). The fact that we are being supported by Sony PlayStation is also really good. The indie push by them is great. We are very happy for this product and we hope we can make even better stuff in the future.

About Poltergeist for PS Vita on Europe

As you might have guessed, one of the missing things we got on 2014 is that we couldn't launch Poltergeist: a Pixelated Horror on Europe. There are multiple reasons for it, but we can assure you it wasn't for lack of trying. Sony was having difficulties in restructuring their company, and well, you know, hacking issues here and there. Its understandable that getting time for small time developers is not in their priority lists.

But good news! We have finally gained access to publishing in Europe, and we will launch Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror on PS Vita in Europe as soon as we can (n_n).

We got an office!

Yup, that is correct, our office is not "the world" anymore. We now have a physical space where we can have better communication and work (n_n). It is very spartan as of now, since we have just moved in. But this is exciting! We are really now feeling the "we are a serious video game company" vibe in our heads. And it feels really good.


New opportunities for the next year

Glitchy Pixel is getting more stuff to do! \(^_^)/. What are we going to do now? Well there are lots of things:

Poltergeist and PS4

When we released Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror on the PS Vita, our relations manager on Sony, Mike Foster, was very pleased. This has been a very small, but significant milestone for everyone involved in Glitchy Pixel, and to some extent in Latin America. Mike Foster said the being the second self published title on Latin America was very good news, and because of that, he now wants to see the game in PS4. But wait, we don't have a dev kit! No problem, Mike said, and before you know it, we are now actually porting the game to PS4. That is utterly amazing!

Government grant for "Wooly"

The first thing we got on the last year was a grant given by the Government of Colombia to make a small game in the coming 5 months. We already have a theme, a setting and we are working on it. The provisional title of the game is "Wooly". Some of you might recognize that name by a very old video of ours in Youtube. Yep, its the same idea, but now that we got some funding, we can make it a reality. This is one of the two new projects we are tailoring for the next year.

You will see more of this project because we have to basically stream it every week for a certain amount of time, as per what we specified in the game development process in the grant. So get ready for some dev streaming, definitely!

Secret Project "Super Ultra 7 in 1"?

Yay we have a new secret project n_n. Diana basically said she wanted this to be "IGF material". I suppose that includes an IGF submission as well. Don't know exactly what that entails for me as a programmer, but this one's coming all from her. She really wants to make this new idea and we'll see how it goes for the coming year.

This project has many weird things aiming for. We'll see how well it develops (n_n). We will also stream some of this whenever we can, so get ready!


So well thats it for our reflections of the past year and the projects for the future. We believe 2015 is going to be very interesting. We'll just have to wait and see!

So happy new year for everyone, lets hope you will all enjoy it. Cheers!

Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror will launch on October 21st!

Hello everyone!

This are great news, after a long development process with our game, we can finally say the we are going to launch "Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror" on October 21st on Steam, Desura, and other digital stores! Yay!

We actually made a very simple gameplay trailer for you to enjoy n-n

This is great for us! We are still in the submission process for the PS Vita version. The result of that one will vary on whenever we will push the date for the PSVita or not. But in any case it should be only a week or two tops for the PSVita version n-n.

Ohh we are so nervous! We've been making for a long time usually small freeware games and nothing more special than that. This time, this is the first big one for us! We are so excited and so nervous as well!

Well, we can only hope you will like it n-n.

See you later!

Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror on the PlayStation Blog

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since we wrote anything here. But here we are wirting to you about the publication of a piece of Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror news on the PlayStation blog!

You can check them out here:

US PlayStation Blog

EU PlayStation Blog

This is really cool! As far as we know it will also be published soon on the PlayStation Blog in Latin America, so we will share the link soon as well n-n.

Making this game has been a really tough challenge for us. But we are very happy that sooner or later it will be released :D. (We will release it on October, if everything goes according to plan n-n).

This is of course a specialized publication for the PS Vita. But don't worry, the game will also launch on PC/Mac/Linux as well n-n.
We will communicate more news soon, so stay in touch!


We have a new website face!

Hello everyone! We have just launched the new website face!

We usually like to change our website face from time to time. This time we decided to drop the WordPress template and structure and roll our own thing. We are using a CMS called Kirby, written in PHP. We think it's really nice. You can check it out here.

WordPress is not bad, but the thing is that it is really convoluted. And well, we only want a small simple place to showcase our work and keep you updated with new content. And we think Kirby enables us to do just that. It also enables us to extend it as we go, far easier than WordPress! I don't know, its just the style that currently we want to work on.

You can check all of the same sections we had before, but now we hope this looks even better and nicer for those who come here.

And yes I know the old posts are gone, but oh well, it was too much effort to put them again, an to be fair they are pretty old. So for now the web page goes as is!

We will keep you posted on more news in the future.